2018 List of Speakers

Ai Wanzhong
Associated Inspector
Chongqing Economic and Informatization Technology Commission

Cao Zhi
Senior Engineer, Wireless Research Institute, Academy of Broadcasting Planning

Chen Danqing
Director, Wireless MKT, China

Chen Hongquan
Vice General Manager, Management Center of Construction Project
Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Ltd.

Chen Guocheng
Senior Engineer
Testing Center, State Radio Monitoring Center

Deng Wei
Chief of Researcher
China Mobile Research Institute

Fan Ke
Vice General Manager, Industry Cooperation Dept. and IC Innovation Center
China Mobile IoT Company Limited

Feng Shiying
Technical Director, R&D of Enterprise Network Department

Feng Yi
Director, 5G Innovation Center
China Unicom

He Yong
General Manager, Power Industry Section, Wireless Network Products Line

Bill Huang
Founder and CEO

Huang Yuhong
Deputy Director
China Mobile Research Institute

Jiang Qingsheng
Researcher, BU of Communications, No. 1 Research Institute
Ministry of Public Security

Li Fangwen
Vice General Manager, Ground Services Department, Airlines Business Unit

Kang Peichuan
Engineer, Spectrum Engineering Division
State Radio Monitoring Center

Li Fuchang
Senior Expert, Wireless Technology Research Department
China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute

Li Ji
Senior Engineer
Testing Center, State Radio Monitoring Center

Li Jingchun
Deputy Director
State Radio Monitoring Center

Li Leilei
Professor for Academy of Broadcasting Planning

Li Shan
Director of 5G Innovation Center, Industry and Planning Research Institute
China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

Li Yinghua
Senior Engineer, Spectrum Engineering Division
State Radio Monitoring Center

Liu Jian
Deputy Director
China Transport Telecommunication & Information Centre

Lu Gongchao
Beijing Radio Administration Bureau

Luo Na
Product Manager
NG Networks

Ma Hongbing
General Manager, Operation and Maintenance Department
China Unicom

Ma Zijian
Senior Engineer, Radio Regulatory Policy Research Division
State Radio Monitoring Center

Pu Xing
Deputy Director, Information Management Department
State Radio Monitoring Center

Qin Junning
Deputy Director, Science & Technology and Information Department
State Grid Zhe Jiang electric Power Co. Ltd.

Song Keping
Deputy Director, Radio Station Management Department
State Radio Monitoring Center

Tu Fangze
Technical Marketing Engineer
National Instruments

Wilma Su
Chairman of China Member Group, Zigbee Alliance
Director of Standards and Regulations Asia, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting)

Wang Changling
Director, Network Evolution Division, Network Expansion Department
China Unicom

Wang Jiye
Director, Department of Information and Communication Technology
State Grid Corporation of China

Wang Zhixin
Deputy Director, Radio Monitoring Division
State Radio Monitoring Center

Wu Jibing
Product Specialist
Rohde & Schwarz

Wu Ming
General Manager, China

Xia Xu
Deputy Director, Network Technology and Planning Department
Beijing Research Institute, China Telecom

Xiao Shanpeng
Deputy Director, Wireless & Terminal Technology Research Institute
China Mobile Research Institute

Xu Biyue
Sector Chief, Station Management Section
Shanghai Municipal Radio Regulation Bureau

Yang Bin
Deputy Director, Information and Telecommunication Department
State Grid

Yang Yang
OpenFog Consortium
Director for Greater China Region

Zhang Ruiqing
Deputy Director, Office of Air Traffic Regulation

Zhang Sha
Deputy Director, Testing Center
State Radio Monitoring Center

Zhang Wenjie
Representative of LoRa Alliance
General Manager, AI Platform & IoT Data, Tencent Cloud

Zhang Wurong
Huawei Representative in MultiFire RWG
Chief System Architect of eLTE-IoT and NB-IoT-U

Zhao Huiling
Leader, Information Network Experts Group
Science and Technology Committee, MIIT

Zhao Jianjun
General Manager, Internet of Things Branch
China Telecom

Zhao Zhen
Director, Frequency Planning Division
Bureau of Radio Regulation, MIIT

Zhou Feng
Deputy Director of Metrological Department
China Telecommunication Technology Labs, CAICT

Zhu Ming
Deputy General Manager, Internet of Things Branch
China Telecom